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Yorkie News

  • September 04, 2017
  • Jerome e

Dont let your dog become a stray

This adorable Yorkie is finally back with his Texas family. Bailey went missing six years ago and wasn't found until recently all the way in Indianapolis. Someone reportedly turned him into a local vet's office and doctors there were surprised to find a microchip. They traced it back to this woman, Grisel Jaramillo. She says she had Bailey before she had...

  • September 01, 2017
  • Jerome e

The best way to Potty train Yorkie

For most people, the most challenging part of owing a Yorkie is housetraining. For Yorkies, housetraining can be very difficult. Yorkies are very smart and very stubborn. Without consistent training, Yorkies can take an extremely long time to train. I have had many frustrated Yorkie owners ask me for training advice. Most of the time problems stem from inconsistent training. If...

  • March 16, 2017
  • Jerome e

Comfy Kennel

The original Comfy kennel made of quality materials, with functional design elements thermal insulation will keep the cold out, removable panels and pillow makes this easy to clean, and it is machine washable too, but please don’t spin or tumble dry. Versatile remove top in warmer weather. Not only that, it looks awesome!